Comment: you're not going very deep, and you're calling names--

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you're not going very deep, and you're calling names--

I really thought you were more intelligent than to do that--

People blame everything on Obama, and no, I have never supported, nor will I ever support Obama--

and then fall asleep. As long as it is all blamed on the puppet (who is an evil puppet, but whose puppet masters are even more evil), then they don't have to find out more about it.

This is true whenever a scapegoat is found.

WHO is really doing the evil? I wish I knew. I am constantly trying to find out. But I believe that the U.N. "front" is a scapegoat that many on here blame; WHO is behind it?

The "U.N." is a bunch of people from different countries, some of whom may be bad, some of whom may not be so bad--but it's a front, a scapegoat, something easy to blame--

Blaming anything on a country (yes, even Israel, but also Russia) or a religion (such as Christianity, Islam, or Judaism or even other religions)--

or anything that is a 'front' is an easy way out.

This is what I meant. But your name calling doesn't give you very much credibility. I thought you were thoughtful, sensible, reasonable, so I have conversed with you, but when you start calling *me* a troll I realize that you have descended to sensation--

and not ascended to sense.

By the way I have listened to that Russian former agent, and he makes a lot of sense--

but when others who see the truth of what is happening in their cultures and nations and among their leaders and report on it--

they are called 'haters'--

by some.

It all depends upon what a person who is doing the calling thinks of the people or group of people or nation who are being discussed.

It's all right to blow the whistle on a truly 'bad guy'--as long as everyone agrees it's a bad guy, but don't blow the whistle on someone that another person believes is a 'good guy'--

it's all very crazy-making.

Trying to sort out the truth when there are people ready to call *you* a troll for having an opinion or throwing out an idea--

is not easy to do, but I'm making the attempt. I just refuse to discuss things with people who are not even making an attempt to be balanced.

And, no, I don't think it is a good or wise or right thing for any sort of Russian official or officer or soldier of any kind to be doing anything on American soil, unless he/she is on vacation here and not in any kind of official capacity--

but if I mention that the head of Israeli police sent representatives (not sure if he went himself; it doesn't matter), according to an Israeli newspaper, with the intent of discussing 'issues' (don't know what; you can look at the Israeli paper, if you want)--
on American soil--
that's all right, because that's Israel.

No, it's not all right, because it's Israel. Or Russia. Or ANY other country; it's not all right.

I'll give you the quote from a pro-Israel source--Elder of Ziyon, so that you know that I'm not getting my information from the RT--or even the DP.

OK, let's now go to the Times of Israel article:
Israel Police chief Yohanan Danino and other senior police officers left Israel late Tuesday night, heading to the US to meet with FBI officials and other law enforcement officials in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Discussions will center on the Boston bombings and deepening professional cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of both countries, Maariv reported.

At least three other senior officers are accompanying the police chief, in what the paper described as the highest-ranking police delegation Israel sends overseas. The trip had been planned before the Boston blasts, but was refocused in the light of the bombings, the report said, without elaboration.
Note what TOI doesn't say: Nowhere does it say that the Israelis are going to Boston. Also, nowhere does it say that Israelis are part of the investigation. Those were RT additions, and the major parts of the conspiracy theory - planning to go to a crime scene before the crime.

What did Maariv say?
In the shadow of the attack on the Boston Marathon, the Chief of Police, Commander Yohanan Danino, the head of the Lahav 433, Commander Manny Isaac, and two other senior police officers went to the U.S. to meet with the heads of the FBI and law enforcement officials in New York and Washington.

Police say that the visit has been planned long ago, but some meetings will engage in strengthening cooperation between Israeli police and police units in the U.S. and the FBI in fighting terrorism.
My Hebrew isn't perfect, but I do not see Maariv saying that the meetings are being "refocused" because of Boston - although obviously the topic will come up. Nowhere does it say that Israeli officials are helping in the investigation, as RT added.

And that is all right, because it's Israel, and Israel can be trusted--

Of course. No worry there. But Russia.

You keep a close eye on them and report anything suspicious you see, and I'll let you know if the next time a local policeman stops me (spouse and me, 1988vote) for nothing, if he has a Russian accent.

Then you can sleep safely at night. I'm watching my part of the U.S.

I'll catch those commies--


But, in the meantime, *I* can sleep safely at night thinking of the Israeli police helping the FBI here--

I'm sure things will go better from now on--

*sarcasm alert*

Because Israelis, as we all know, are 'nice' people, and Russians, as well all know, are not.

But because I applied the same standard to Israel as to Russia, I am a troll.

That's obvious.

I don't trust my local police. Why would I trust a Russian police or an Israeli police?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--