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IF you are that person . . .

why would you go 800 miles out of your way? You had no way of knowing he was going to:

--smell strongly of tobacco smoke
--have 'merely' a white chest freezer
--have a 'crappy' (your word) cardboard sign and a lawn chair

So you went 800 miles out of your way expecting to see what?

I have a feeling you are not that person; no reasonable person goes 800 miles out of his/her way not knowing what he/she is going to see . . .

only to report over a year later that he/she was underimpressed.

You are either not that person, or you are dissembling--

maybe you just needed to insult a person, so you went 800 miles out of your way--

or maybe you didn't go out of your way at all and saw an opportunity to insult a fellow human being--

either way you're not a very likeable person yourself.

If you decide to go 800 miles out of your way again for any reason, make absolutely certain before you go that the person you have never met to whom you will speak will keep three feet away from you--

that's smart business--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--