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I know just enough about website design to get in trouble - check out . That's fairly barebones, but some years ago I wrote the HTML wrapper for . (the boss came up with the content, I just formatted it.)

Please don't associate that website with pot - they're a real company, and I wouldn't want them or me to get in any trouble talking about "illegal drugs" and stuff - I only show you the site so you can see what I can do.

Or could some years ago - I'm a little rusty, but with some motivation (like People Opposing Tyranny) it wouldn't take me very long at all to get back up to speed, such as it is. I don't know how to do fancy-schmancy schtuff, like flash and trash, but you didn't want that anyway, right? I'm retired, so I generally spend my time surfing the 'net anyway, except the time I spend watching "The Big Bang Theory" and old reruns from the days when TeeVee was still good. ;-)

You can still get a free page at, and amazingly, they even support CGI scripting - that's how I was able to bypass the big banner ads. (it still has the popups, but I defeat them on my local machine with a hosts file: but that's a different topic anyway,) And if you want to pay _them_, you can put up a page with no ads. Of course, you could try to sell your own ad space (check the terms and conditions of your host) - I don't know how to do that yet, but either of us could look it up. Come to think of it, I don't know what Tripod's policy on third party ads is, it being free and all with their own ads, but that wouldn't take long to find out.

And you don't need to go to Tripod - as far as I know, there are still website hosting places, but not free.

Go ahead and email me at richgrise at lycos dot com - put something in the subject line, like "WEBPAGE DESIGN HELP" so that if Lycos's spam filter puts it into my spam folder I'll be able to find it.

You can go to to secure the name, if it's available.

Hey, kewl![]=net

Of course, I'd expect you to foot the bill for registering the name, but I'd be more than happy to donate my "services" wrapping some HTML (HyperText Markup Language) around your content to make it a webpage.

I'll be looking forward to your email!

Or reply here - I usually check the Daily Paul every day anyway.

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