Comment: I am not going very deep, that's why I provided links to videos.

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I am not going very deep, that's why I provided links to videos.

Which is where all the information I am sharing is. That's why I posted them.

It's funny that you ad hominem, name call, and put words in my mouth, while complaining that I do that. It funnier that you continue to apologize and deflect for Obama, and Daily Trolls up-vote you, because they are your personal friends.

I suggest you read the entire thread, which is in reverse order, from most recent, going down to original content. You will see that I was indeed ad hominem attack into oblivion by numerous trolls, who only wanted to change the subject, and bury the topic, while trying to make me look bad. Excuse me if my patience with obvious subversive tactics, has worn thin.

Further, I have not blamed one specific person only, nor have I blamed one specific country. I have claimed EXACTLY that it is the NEW WORLD ORDER. Not just Russia & China with Obama their sock puppet, but a globalist plot. However, while many here on DailyTroll like to single Israel, or the USA, for their government's contributions to the NWO, I am pointing out Russia's, and China's.

I guess foreign sympathizers, anti-Americans, anti-Israeli posters, have decided to pile on this thread.

Again,I have asked WHY someone would down-vote these facts. No reply. Just down-vote. I don't care how many down-votes there are. It is OBVIOUS to me there are anti-Americans, pro-Obama, pro-Commies on DP. Period.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?