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Comment: Real Liberals Don't Exist Anymore...

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Real Liberals Don't Exist Anymore...

Real Liberals simply do not exist anymore.

Today we have just a pro-Party worship going on. People support Obama just because he isn't Romney or McCain, but ignore the fact that his Foreign Policy is identical and his record on Human Rights is identical, and also that he is surrounded (by choice) by Wall-Street Fat cats who seek to accelerate wealth into the hands of the rich ..... just like Republicans.

They cannot recognize the fact that Obama is to the right of Reagan, Nixon, Ford, and Bush Sr. ... because the U.S. News Media conceals that information.

Real Liberals were people like Martin L. King, Robert Kennedy, George McGovern, Dennis Kucinich, .... but principled politicians and principled constituents like this do not exist at large anymore.

When you're only reference point and decision point is "not a Republican", that logic doesn't work anymore. For decades, both Parties have sucked, and are essentially identical.