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Comment: Irrespective of what you just mentioned...

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Irrespective of what you just mentioned...

Cigarette smoke/smoking cigarettes is not healthy, you know that right? So I don't know why you got so defensive in your reply. Your last sentence in your original post had something to the affect of "being open" to what we had to say. I guess not based on your reply.

And you might be void from the smell of cigaret smoke, but is your voice showing signs of smoking? You know, that raspy sound that alters the sound of your laugh as well. Besides, the smell of cigarette smoke can linger in your lungs for hours and will become quite apparent to a non-smoker once you start conversing.

Again, i didn't mean to put you in a defensive state. Just tried to approach it from a different angle because you invited such thesis. And to touch on the last thing you said in your reply to me about why are we even having this discussion???

Uh, duh, because you brought it up in the first place. Did I say congress should pass a law that bans anyone that smokes cigarettes from getting a job? No I didn't. Your post has received 9 +'s for a reason. *ignored