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Comment: LOL "Israel FORCED to apologize"...

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LOL "Israel FORCED to apologize"...

By who?

And some of you anti-Israel guys claim you are anti-UN, ant-globalism.

You LOVE globalism, especially when it goes after Israel, which is all the time.

Go ahead and spin it. Your article is about WW2. And what happened to you guys and your die-hard defense of free speech? You guys love to criticize and condemn Jews and Israel, and claim others are hiding behind "political correctness", but you guys are always the first to make hypocrites out of yourselves.

Look at all the up-votes for a pro-globalist, anti-free speech article, which happens to be anti-Israel. Ha Ha Ha. You guys may have high-jacked the DP, but American conservatives are not buying your globalist propaganda.

I'll stick to issues that matter to America. Like ending foreign aid, restoring the constitution and individual liberty, and restoring sound money and free markets by ending the fed and the corporatist loopholes created by excess government involvement in the markets.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?