Comment: You just inspired me! But please drop incumbent list.

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You just inspired me! But please drop incumbent list.

I just purchased a website to run for local office next year.

However, I would suggest dropping the incumbent list. Running campaign against incumbent in the U.S. is a huge waste of money, time and resources. If someone goes for it anyway support them, but we should be encouraging people to run for uncontest, or open, seats; in local government bodies first (Water Board, School Board, City Counci).

What I see from "alternative"/third-party candidates, both Libertarians and Greens, is an attempt by anyone worthy of winning a seat/office to run for Senate or Congress. Props to Justin Amash, but the majority of people would be better off running locally after having done some community organizing/work and already interacting with local elected officials (whether to see if you have majority, minority, or any, support) to get some stuff done, and after having shown your issues by your work.

I've spent the last year and a half simply attending events and meeting working on a few local issues and campaigns. I've been involved in both a success County Supervisor race and a successful direct legislation effort. I have also been involved in a success ballot initiative. Three victories and still working on a larger effort in the mean time.

That is what you do to build a coalition, and a coalition is what you need to win an election.

Win something cheap and easy and go to work. You got 4 years most likely to use that position to lead your community and connect with other communities (and support other elected "liberty" officials and other liberty candidates.

I'd say maybe that Libertarians should run for Water Board and Greens should run for School Board (being Libertarians want to get rid of the School Board, and both Greens and Libertarian agree on Water policy). Then meet back together on City and County Councils.

Run for Sheriff if you have military or law enforcement experience (otherwise you won't stand much of a chance getting the endorsements needed to get the support and votes to win.)

If you have already done a lot of work, or gotten elected to local office, run for State Leg.

Jack Wagner