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I understood just fine

None of that changes the fact that it's hypocritical to believe that you can do what you want, but others can't because you don't agree with it.

To me, the substance itself has no bearing on the issue-- the issue being that an agreement was broken. Sure, I think drug testing for marijuana is silly and unreliable since it stays in the system for weeks after its effects have worn off, but If the person I'm working for doesn't think it's silly, then I generally have three choices.

1) work for them and follow the silly rule
2) don't work for them and continue doing what I want
3) work for them *and* do what I want, at the risk of the employer finding out and responding accordingly.

No matter what choice I make, I'm the one who makes it, so I can't blame anyone else or say that it isn't fair without being a hypocrite. It isn't "fair" to break agreements and contracts either, and choice 3 does exactly that.

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