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Comment: "Belong" is not a legal term.

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"Belong" is not a legal term.

In fact, my mind usually goes into spiritual concerns when I see the term. My country belongs to me [our country, our government(s) belongs to us]. Minnesota belongs to me and my fellow Minnesotans. I'm a citizen of Minnesota, but I don't belong to Minnesota. I belong to the chick in the thong.

world citizen? outlaw? shame??? rules? anarchist? borderless? Illuminati? Utopian fantasy-world?

...all sounds too complicated for me. I'd like to claim that I don't know where all that came from and that I've no idea what you're talking about there, but I sorta do. I just don't know how it all applies to me.

"you still have to get along with other people"

I do. I belong where I'm welcome. I've traveled quite a bit. I can't think of a place I've ever been where I haven't been welcomed. I mostly though, belong with my kids at the shore of Lake Superior throwing rocks, especially on a day like today.