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First, you mentioned Libya.

First, you mentioned Libya. We have never tried to occupy Libya.

Back to the constitutionality however, I discussed this at length elsewhere. Honestly not sure if it's in this same thread or not. But here it is in a nutshell. Can you show me where in the Constitution it requires that declarations of war be in a particular format? Congress wrote specific laws authorizing military action in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the same as a declaration of war.

Moreover, the nature of the wars themselves are different than those in the recent past as we're largely facing stateless entities. Both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison led wars against the Barbary Pirates, and neither of these wars had any kind of a declaration of war from Congress in any format. Constitutionally the president has the authority to declare war as a defensive measure. If a nation were to attack US soil does the president need to get Congress' permission before he responds to defend us? Of course not. That would be silly.

In the case of Afghanistan the president didn't need any authorization from Congress at all because of 9/11. Nonetheless he got unanimous approval from Congress. I say unanimous but Barbara Lee did vote "nay," but she doesn't count. The president likewise got Congressional approval before going into Iraq.

Both wars are completely constitutional.