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All great advice

What do you mean by the incumbent list? You mean the politicians to get rid of?

The purpose of my website is two fold:
1) To consolidate all candidates for liberty in one place regardless of party. I don't rank them on chances or strategically promote certain ones over others. I figure there will be plenty of people and websites doing that. I want people to have a choice what to do with the information. My goal is to provide an easy resource for them to start their journey.
2) List politicians who aren't adhering to liberty principles. I reviewed each of these politician's voting records and made a subjective decision that they weren't adhering to liberty principles. People need to get past the rhetoric and have access to the truth about how politicians are voting and who they are supporting.

If I do anything else, it will have to be when I have more time. I am pretty busy now, so the current website and methods will be in place through the 2014 cycle. I am writing everyone's recommendations down so I can make decisions for changes when I have more time and resources.

I am really glad you are taking the jump and running for local office! Start making contacts now, and let us know when you run so we can include you on our website and send out a plug on Facebook and Twitter! Keep the suggestions coming.

Tu ne cede malis.

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