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"I am not a crook." - Richard M. Nixon, Checkers Speech. Part I (6 minutes live broadcast recording) of II. Checkers was his pet dog was a gift. Delivered and broadcast live on television 23 September 1952.

My Fellow Americans,

I come before you tonight as a candidate for the Vice Presidency and as a man whose honesty and -- % integrity has been questioned... [Also see Part II (transcript linked below).

I have a theory, too, that the best and only answer to a smear or to an honest misunderstanding of the facts is to tell the truth. And that's why I'm here tonight. I want to tell you my side of the case. I'm sure that you have read the charge, and you've heard it, that I, Senator Nixon, took $18,000 from a group of my supporters.

Now, was that wrong? And let me say that it was wrong. I'm saying, incidentally, that it was wrong, not just illegal, because it isn't a question of whether it was legal or illegal, that isn't enough. The question is, was it morally wrong? I say that it was morally wrong -- if any of that $18,000 went to Senator Nixon, for my personal use...

Checkers speech text. Includes: $15,000 senator salary; $41,000 house in Washington DC; house in Whittier, California which cost $13,000 and on which we owe $3,000. My folks are living there at the present time....

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