Comment: The argument could be made

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The argument could be made

The argument could be made that an execution is self defense. In the sense of deterrence. But also because keeping that person alive represents a potential threat. There is the possibility the person could escape. And there is also risk to the prison workers who have to guard the inmate. A hannibal lector type person. If you're having to put a mask and straight jacked on someone and roll them around on a dolly just to transport them safely, something is definitely wrong. Personally, I wouldn't waste the state's money on that nonsense. A separate subject but I actually really like the idea of prison islands. It seems like it would be so much cheaper to just fly inmates off to the island and kick them out the plane with a parachute on. And most inmates would probably prefer that freedom too. Sure, there would be wars, and they'd kill each other, but do I really care? The point is that if you cross certain lines you aren't allowed to exist in our society anymore.