Comment: It was obvious to me someone got to him

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It was obvious to me someone got to him

Don't know what it is, but they got to him.
What I find really strange is that it was the Senate's bill that the House passed, and that it was for this reason they said it was a penalty and not a tax because taxing bills can only originate in the House. So with Robert's saying the penalty is a tax, the bill should have automatically been null and void. Of course, after the DOJ argued it was a tax it changed its mind and said it was a penalty because BO et al know the Senate can't pass bills with taxes.

Under the pic from the article it says: "The House of Representatives passed landmark legislation to overhaul the nation's health-care system, approving a Senate bill and a separate package of amendments."

Why aren't the Republicans, like Mike Lee, picking up on this?

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