Comment: I have a hard time knowing

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I have a hard time knowing

I have a hard time knowing what to think of her.

She said she was in contact with all kinds of congressmen and other important people. The interviewer asked if she had actually talked to them, she said no, she emails them. The interviewer asks what they say about it, and she kind of eschewed the question and says she's just sending them updates.

And she gives stories about the minutia of details that go on in different places, but she doesn't help to make sense of it in the larger picture, and I have to wonder whether anyone at any level, on any side, is taking her seriously.

She talked about getting her job back in mere days at the bank after being locked out, but I mean, what was she doing there really? Wasn't she just some low level bookkeeper?

So I'm having a hard time buying the idea that she's really causing these big waves.