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As we've pointed out...

God does have a problem with all those things. Your liberal spewing of wild accusations that you hope support your view are not in fact supported by what the Bible actually says. You have stated one case, been proved wrong, but instead of admitting it, you deny you lied and complain about us 'getting technical' about it. You mean the actual truth rather than unsubstantiated allegations that are false and lies? Yeah, that's called you simply being wrong about what you asserted. Yet you cheerfully and blindly continue to assert your accusations, even in the face of having been proved wrong about them! You remind me of Barack Obama!!

Then you once again attempt to state God doesn't exist. Frankly, you're coming at this from the wrong direction. You say "God doesn't exist, therefore he can't affect anything". But of course there's no way to prove whether God does or doesn't exist, it is not a concept of science or physics but of metaphysics and faith. So asserting that 'God doesn't exist' and proceeding from there is a meaningless statement. It is as unfalsifiable a belief as stating that God does exist. It is in fact what you have decided to believe. By definition you can't know that. You could only know that if you knew everything, and if you knew everything, you would be God so God would exist!

Instead of trading unprovable assertions, why not do it the rational way. Coming at it from the other side: does God affect anything? If God, or faith in God affects anything, then 'God' does exist as something that is important and affects the world and us, the issue of
'whether God exists' should proceed from that, as that is the only observable evidence. As I have stated repeatedly, all true Liberty has been won by Christians and people of God. Those who have strayed from God have soon lost their Liberty. So you could say 'believing in God is good for Liberty'. Therefore, you can believe or not believe what you like about whether God exists, but it is still true to say: "if you want any Liberty in this world, you better entrust your life to God, or be enslaved."

""sin" is also a construct that has no basis in reality."

Ah yes, the perpetual mantra and creed of Communists and Nazis. Or more accurately, their slaves. Good luck with that.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.