Comment: Well, Her'e my take on the vid

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Well, Her'e my take on the vid

When he says it's about events like the Boston Marathon and major disators like hurricane Katrina (at 2:58, that's picture is UN in the blue caps).. it reminds me of the vids I've seen about an alien invasion being the event, as Reagan has said, an event like that would pull the world together.

I think the point the vid doesn't make out right, because it's point is that Obama is a traitor, is that there is something .. whether it's aliens, or massive natural disasters.. it shows troops are serving someone.. and not event Obama because Putin is a traitor to Russia, no?

So the moral to this story, is LOVE your family, LOVE the world, do not be afraid, there will always be wars and rumor of wars..

Rand suggested to Snowden that he not go to Russia, yet Snowden did, and received Amnesty for a year.. a year goes by quickly. I can not predict the future. I have no idea why this is happening, except the blue caps.. seems to say, global government is here.