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Really? I'd need solid proof, I see no evidence

I never once saw her at a SC Ron Paul Rally during the entire 2007-2012, never saw her endorse Ron Paul during that time...nor have ever even heard of her until this past month. And I live here, was very involved for RP and am a former 2 term GOP executive committeewoman.

With Mace's history from all the way back to a birth at Fort Bragg, being the daughter of a Brigadier General and the first female to graduate from The Citadel (SC Military College), I have to ask "What makes you believe Nancy Mace will be less pro-war than Lindsey Graham????" I am simply having a hard time believing Nancy Mace has not been 'provided' from on high. (In other words, I think she's a military plant like JAG Lindsey Graham is.) Research people, research.

Lee Bright with Ron Paul
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