Comment: And again this is collectivist greenbackery

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And again this is collectivist greenbackery

The problem with the video isn't the truths, it's the lies. It doesn't suggest we fix the evil, it suggests new owners of the evil, as all collectivist screeds do.

Hint for noobs to liberty. When someone shouts about how [x] bad guys have some power and we [y] should have the power instead, you're being had. They do not intend you to ever participate in any of the newfound 'power'.

When you hear someone say 'power is bad, we should limit power' that person is legit. They see the problem and are not trying to 'profit' from it, but actually solve the problem. Which is power. Which is why true constitutional conservatives and minarchists and ancaps are all compatible.

They all want less centralized power, in varying degrees.

Collectivists do not want less central power. They want shift in power to them. Don't trust greenbackers who don't want to end inflation theft they want to CONTROL inflation theft.