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In The Past

In the past, our government was better able to control the narrative. Even just a few years ago this was the case. I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit that I originally supported the invasion of Iraq (and voted for Bush twice). But can the elites keep doing this when absolutely nobody believes their depiction of events?

Would it have worked to burn the Reichstag if the German population knew that the Nazis had done it? I think not. I'm not sure what the elites will do when they realize they've been caught. Will they declare war on the American people? Will the military, or the police carry out orders to kill and imprison the American people?

I used to wonder what it might have been like for people living in Germany prior to WWII. But I no longer have to imagine, we are now fully there. I think we are witnessing events planned by the elites to bring about WWIII. God help us all.