Comment: When does Swirtzerland use their military?

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When does Swirtzerland use their military?

Does this give everybody an idea of what is lawful use of military force?

The history of modern Swiss Military actions is one of lawful military use.

America is now the bad guys. Nearly every form of modern military action we know of by America is unlawful military actions. America is the only nation on Earth who has been convicted by the ICC of the equivalent of international state sponsored terrorism.

I do not acknowledge the authority of the ICC but I do acknowledge the facts presented in that case as criminal acts by those who planned and carried out the thousands of criminal acts revealed in Iran Contra and related "military" activities in Nicaragua. The landmarks of the thousands of weapons cast in concrete that stand to this day in Nicaragua is proof of the insanity America committed in Nicaragua. This insanity from the 80's is only one point of the long train of abuses and usurpations carried out by our military.

The American military man who carry out any actions of war against anyone without a Declaration of War issued by the People are completely unlawful and criminal acts by psychopathic tyrannical barbarians who are brainwashed into some other tyrant's BS.

Our Navy does has lawful maritime jurisdiction to protect American commerce in transport across international waters outside of a declaration of war. Protecting American merchant ships at sea is very different from launching a tomahawk cruise missile into a foreign nation or mining the harbors of a prime commercial port of a foreign nation without a Declaration of War sourced directly from We the People.

If the reader is in the military or defense contractor and actively assisting this global insanity, mass murder and terror upon the world then you should be ashamed of yourself for not having the integrity to do what is necessary to uphold the rule of law or at least just leave. If you think your actions are justified then reveal the intelligence you claim and have a public issue of letter of marque for those identified as legitimate threats. There can be no expectation of trust. The trust is gone. Proof is required otherwise it is lies and/or brainwashing BS. From my point of view lack of seeking formal criminal action on those carrying out these activities in your presence will be considered at minimum complicity to the crime from this point forward. The only way this nightmare continues is because of your consent to take orders from other men. All of the weapons in the world would not matter if your mind disregarded their unlawful orders.

All military personnel should read about the details of the Czech's velvet revolution in 1989. I talked to some of the former soldiers who disregarded the orders and heard a great story about how all the soldiers just cluster f%cked the entire situation for their commanding officers by making all weapons inaccessible knowing that the order was coming to go kill their own communities. What happened? Nothing. The commanders huffed and puffed and blew a bag of wind. The bureaucrats and military "authorities" took to the streets on stages to have the "authorities" tell the people what they needed to do and the people held their keys up shook them loud to drown out their BS fiasco and told them to GO HOME. And that is exactly what happened. The criminal commanders and crats, after blowing many bags of wind, WENT HOME.

It seems that the American military man is a breed of man that needs to be given orders by other higher quality men otherwise they would not know how to conduct themselves. This seems to mean that most military men will not concern themselves with matters of Law because they will just follow orders of other men regardless of the lawfulness of those orders. They are essentially another man's slave. Maybe even less then a slave because at least most slaves want to be free. A military man wants to be the b*tch for a bunch of criminals who won't and can't do the dirty work themselves.

The only conclusion I see is that these monsters must not be fed. Feeding these monsters destroys our peace and prosperity and makes the world a more dangerous place. I would argue that the American military is the most criminal organization in the world at this point. If we don't stop feeding them then this nightmare will only grow into another dark ages.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...