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This is the problem with

This is the problem with creationism. You refuse to frame your reasoning from the mindset of a hunter gatherer, you only see the world as it is today, and attempt to incorporate the knowledge that we have today into the actions of a prehistoric nomad living in the plains of Africa.

Keep in mind, there is ZERO knowledge at this time about farming of any plants. All you have learned to this point was perhaps a tip to find a sharp rock on the ground and how to find rabbit burrows. You family is hungry, you have 2 kids that need to be fed NOW.

Now you are going to tell this hunter that he needs to go find some seeds, put them in the ground, wait 12 months, gather the plants, save enough for another planting and use the rest for food?

You know what he will do? He is going to take that rock he found, hit you over the head with it, and feed you to his kids? Why? Because there is no books and critical thinking back then. It is kill or be killed. Eat or starve.


Not to mention that humans and other primates originated from Africa, a notoriously bad land for farming. Inconsistent rains, extreme droughts and unpredictable climate is not conductive for the development of farm lands, especially by those who do not even know what farming is.

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