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Cafe vs Church

TMOT...I have always loved all your videos, you are always very informed, up to date, and knowledgeable on subject.
I am no politician, never ran for any position; however, I have worked with others on their campaigns.
I'd like to give you some free brotherly love campaign advice...OK
1. Go and visit the Churches in your area, talk to the pastors and ask for a little (10-30) minute slot so you can inform them of your platform, goals, etc....maybe at the end of a Sunday's sermon.
2. People go to a café to enjoy their own little quiet time, coffee with friends, family, etc....or just to have a bite to eat. If you visit a café, then maybe think about going one-on-one with folks.
Café are very noisy...clacking dishes, others in conversations, etc.
3. Effective T.V. ads...doesn't have to be very long, but the majority of elections are won by whoever can outspend on T.V. time. This is very true the week or so before the election, as many voters are still undecided.
4. Do you have a slogan? Remember, "A chicken in every pot"

Good Luck my friend, we need more Americans like you running the Government.