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You're a new comer (less than 5 yrs...) But I'll answer anyway

Q: Are we not already, severely inconvenienced?
A: Amazon ships my dog's food to my house automatically cheaper than I can buy it at the store who raises prices aggressively because it's a hot item. I don't run out. I don't have to deal with going to the store and finding it out of stock. I don't have to feel like I'm being screwed on price. Apply this to at least two dozen goods and services I buy each month. i.e. monthly utility bills etc.

Q: Is fraud not currently overwhelming?
My experience has been fraud free. I have reputable companies (Pay Pal, Click Bank etc) between me and online merchants. They protect me against fraud because they bring a presence of public accountability to the transactions.

Q:: Is the web our only option?
1. In MY case I would not be able to run my trading business without the web.
2. I would not have access to real time price data and breaking news.
3. I would not be able to execute trades @ sub-second speed.
4. I would not be able to earn the kind of living that allows me to;

a) Stay off the roads at rush hour and/or travel for business
b) Make a very significant income
c) Stay off the cell phone (I went from 3,000 min/mo to 150)
d) Start at 5am and be done by 10:30am.
e) Send money from my brokerage account - request a wire by noon and have it in my bank before 3pm

So yes, as a 62 y.o. who wants to live life the web gives me tremendous freedom that I could not otherwise experience.

As a regional bankster I used to travel 5,000 miles a month, constantly on the phone, subject to ground and air travel delays (stress).
I had to deal with a wardrobe, meals on the road, parking tickets, idiot drivers and chauffeurs, tarmac torture and imprisonment and cash flow issues.