Comment: It is inspiring to know that there is a way to become a limited

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It is inspiring to know that there is a way to become a limited

Constitutional Republic again in the near future.

I appreciate all the responses to my initial post. Most had nasty things to say about Mark Levin. I was unaware that he was one who opposed Ron Paul which is disturbing to me because I wanted Ron Paul to be treated with the respect he deserves. I supported the endeavor to send delegates to Tampa here in MA in what was Romney's district where we won. After becoming aware of the way the GOP leadership dealt with Ron Paul's delegates I lost respect for the GOP. Their fear of Ron Paul and his message, which they would not allow him to voice at the Tampa convention, not even for the fifteen minutes to which he was entitled, ultimately cost them the election. The GOP alienated Ron Paul supporters in numbers sufficient to make the difference in the outcome. It would be fair to say that I hate them.

WHatever role Mark Levin may have played in all that is not entirely irrelevant. But his book The Liberty Amendments is on the Best Seller Lists in first or second place yesterday. I have a copy I bought at Walmart which I have read. He does show that there is a way to amend the Constitution through the State legislatures which does not involve the Congress or the President at all. Levin does consider that all three branches of the federal government are engaging in supporting unconstitutional actions and have become oppressive as anticipated by the Anti-Federalists when the country was founded.

Fortunately George Mason advocated to have this was of amending the Constitution included in Article V so there is a way open to freedom loving advocates of individual liberty to restore the Republic. That is the important point regardless of Mark Levin being the one who drew this to our attention. He sounds serious to me in his advocacy of this being accomplished and sounds sincere in wanting it to happen.

The crucial question is how can this be accomplished. There are so many people who get a check from the government that it is unlikely many would support this endeavor. Many are government employees and members of the union of such employees. Keep in mind that the US Post office is authorized in Article 1 Section 8 explicitly.

The Liberty Amendments book deals with eleven proposed amendments but they are only his opinions and are subject to alteration as the process matures. There is a long way to go before any agreement would be reached among the state legislatures.

Now I also was thrilled to know that the YAL numbers 125,000 student activists. I don't know any of them and I am not sure what they are all reading and learning about. I assume it is a mix of economics of the Austrian school, von Mises and Murray Rothbard... see then under literature where all their books are online for free!

I know that the atlas society has allied with students for liberty SFL and there is a network of organizations. We know that SFL has regional conventions each year in growing numbers 18 last year with speakers. With the internet it is possible to enlighten the populace quickly.

The trick will be to see if people from this movement can be elected to state legislatures in enough states to call for a convention to propose amendments. It would require two thirds of the states to make that happen and then three quarters of the state legislatures to adopt and ratify amendments.

Worth doing.

Read the best selling book and see for yourself despite your aversion to Mark Levin for his role in derailing Ron Paul. Take it our of the library.

Let is restore the limited constitutional republic for our children and grandchildren.


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