Comment: Love It Love It Love It (I think)

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Love It Love It Love It (I think)

Does it violate the non-aggression principle? Hellz ya.
Do I care? Right now not sure I do.

I'm in a highly controlled place in the Middle East that is ostensibly an 'ally' of the US. Several months ago I got gigged - unfairly in my humble but accurate opinion - by a traffic cam here for a right-turn on red violation. The equiv of 135 smackers later (with my employer was 'encouraging' payment the whole way, no interest in proof or a defense) so I can leave the country without extortion at the border.

Let us not go into details of the justification but let me say, I'm not the only one that has got the shaft by that and other cameras here. Speeding tix in this place are even worse financially (and the locals are the WORST abusers).

Its a situation that needs to be dealt with in a similar way.