Comment: The Guardian article is the only one

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The Guardian article is the only one

that note the Russians are calling BS here.

The Russians have respectable naval assets in the
area and have provided advanced weapons such as
Yakhont and Sunburn class anti-ship cruise missiles
to the Syrians.

This could get interesting, and not in a good way.

If US ships launch Tomahawks from outside the range
of Syrian anti-ship capabilities then defenders will have
a fair bit of time to respond if they detect the launches
and/or can track the incoming missiles since the US
cruise missiles are subsonic (Yakhont is Mach 2.5+),
the Yakhonts have a range of about 200 miles and
Damascus is 50 or so miles inland. So, the US would
need to launch from at least 250 miles away or risk

That's 30 minutes or so from launch to target assuming
that the attacking ships stay just out of range of Syrian
defenses,but if the US ships give themselves more of a
margin then flight time could be longer yet.

Don't know if they Russians have the ability to intercept
Tomahawks - would be kind of embarrassing for the US
to find out the hard way that they can - that would make
for some White House and Pentagon press conferences you
wouldn't want to miss...