Comment: I see the city council as

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I see the city council as

I see the city council as attempting to keep the park area enjoyable for the producers in the business community.
There is a Salvation Army and the Raleigh Rescue Mission one street over from the park.
Love Wins Ministries needs to cooperate with those existing locations instead of trying to create another poverty outpost in the business district.

Before you call me an a-s-s-h-o-l-e.... In 2002 I gave away all of my possessions and went to live in a men's homeless shelter where I not only depended on the food and shelter but I covered shifts to give the paid, lazy a-s-s, authoritarian, staff relief.
The staff kept asking me why I didn't take the director's job opening, I told them I would fire most of them because it was just a job and not a passion for them.
I only lasted two months -- even though I busted my ass from 6am until midnight doing everything from
shift coverage,
covering weekends so staff could take off,
admissions of new clients
supervising jobs
to cleaning the floors.