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I read each sentence and replied with my thoughts. I have seen youtubes with Reagan and his quote about aliens bringing everyone together, and your post reminded me of thise youtubes.

I only mentioned Israel because to me, they have the solution.

If you think you can do better than the people of Egypt or Syria, more power to you.

We are allready co-operating, the Russians are here, the UN is here, the UN Agenda is here. The vast majority chose to live in peace until the armed forces come to their door to take their weapons.

As for me, my interest in Israel has had me watch many movies and documentaries about WWII and what people did as Marshall law was declared and the Nazis came for them, entires blocks of people at a time, and shot people right there on the spot who even went so far as to call a soldier a name.

While you and I may share some ideas about Israel, I know that we are not in total agreement. Israel has a right to defense and this is one of the most educational tools I have come across concerning what is happening reguarding the New American Order.