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Imentioned Libya because we

Imentioned Libya because we bombed the hell out of that country via Unconstitutional Presidential executive orders and United Nations mandates. Might as well add Yemen and somilia to that list.

If you really want to get into the legality of these wars, then we must go back to 9-11. Since we are facing "stateless enemies" and 9-11 was not carried out by another nation state, then under our cuurent laws, it would not be considered an act of war. It would be considered a criminal act carried out individuals, which gives our country no legal reason for bombing, occupying, and killing off leaders of sovereign nations.

From my understanding of the Constitution, the President cannot wage war unless our nation is under imminent threat. Our Founders made sure that the more democratically responsive branch had much more responsibility regarding the issues of war than the executive branch.

Defense of our homeland is one thing, offensive tactics overseas are quite another.