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That's one flawed way of looking at it

Homeless people have the right to have safe, healthy, food.

So, you are not trained, you don't have a certificate, you are not licensed.. you didn't know that the spinach you used for the salad you made had ecoli. 50 homeless people got sick from the salad you made, which was confirmed by the lab tests at the hospitals they all went to. Fifteen died. 20 are are so sick, they may die.

How good are you now?

These laws are being imposed because good people with good intentions unfortunately hurt the very people they believe they are helping. To you, it was food. To those who ate it, it was poison.

Because of my training, I know my rights, I know what to do and if there is a food product that is poison, I am able to track the source, supply information and become part of the solution.

What would you do? Fifteen people just died eating your food. What would you do?