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Argumentum Ad Speculum

Your first paragraph exemplifies the fallacy of Hasty Generalization.

Your second and further paragraphs exemplify the fallacy of Begging the Question.

You have presented a list of speculations and unproven assumptions as fact.

It would be better to argue from what is known and not what is wished. For example, if I say that no one has ever demonstrated specific (useful) order arising from random processes, or that there is no known chemical pathway for life to arise from non-life, these are statements of fact and, however inconvenient, should be addressed with facts and not speculations about what might or might not have happened millions or billions of years ago (those long ages themselves being unproven assertions).

BTW, I enjoy growing pumpkins. They're ready in less than four months. Most vegetables can be sown and harvested in two to three months. In addition, it's possible to feed thousands of people from food grown on a single acre. Farming isn't rocket science and no books are required to see that plants grow from seeds. It will be difficult to convince me that the life of a nomadic hunter-gatherer is simpler, safer, and easier than planting seeds or herding animals.

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