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What makes you think it is "free"?

There is nothing "free" about feeding people. No one who participates is worthless. The building is not free, fees can be waived, but never taken advantage, it must be served.

I see Churches who do not have my principles and they fall apart, start charging people, have conflicts, close down.

What you feed your family is your business. What you feed to the public is not. It is a business. Non-profit is still business.

Have you ever been to a food bank? Do you understand how the food bank operates? Do you think people are not paid? Do you think they do not have laws they have to abide? I have contracts to do my VOLUNTEER job. I have contracts with the food bank. I have limits they set, what I can have, how much I can have. Some rules I think are silly, like when they give me products that many will not eat, like 5 cases of apple sauce.. and I make all kinds of things with apple sauce, cakes, BBQ sauce, gelatin salads, and I do my best to make food for the toothless, for diabbetics, low fat, low salt, low sugar, gluten free.. I can't afford to have anyone ever get sick. ONE sick person can shut this operation down.

Weren't Nuremburg Trials about mass murders? This is not about mass murders. This is about feeding people and as far as I'm concerned, IF you really want to feed the PUBLIC, you have the obligation to step up and do what it takes to get the job done.

Sure it would be much easier to just let people who never wash their hands make sandwiches and pray that no one gets sick.. but if all I have is a prayer, statics show, I don't have much and am playing with fire..

Maybe the cop didn't know.. I'm pretty sure the cop was ordered by the County Health Department and didn't enjoy or agree, but PRAYED, the people cared enough to go back to the county health department and get a Temp. permit, have at least one volunteer take responsibility, and get back to doing a community service that make everyone feel good.