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I agree

Why let the governemnt stop you from feeding people?

What you do at this point at your home is your business. If you feed someone at your home food and they get sick and die, you will be charged with murder. The state will get involved.

I took the tests, I paid to get the certificates and licenses, I buy food.. so how am I stopping what I am doing? I am complying so I can do what I feel there is a need, and if all it takes for me to do what I believe is the right thing to do, then why wouldn't I comply?

I am not going to protest and not feed people blaming the state. I am going to comply and feed people.

All it takes is one homeless person to get sick and the state will press charges. Is it worth it? Go for it. For me it was not worth it. It was less expensive to spend hundreds of dollars, take hours of my time to comply.. and maybe that's why I have one of the best soup kitchen in my county? I care that much.

It's not about the state. The state is what it is, whether I agree or not is immaterial when it comes to getting the job of feeding people done. Either you do it, or you don'e.. blame away.. that's not feeding people, just making an excuse to not.