Comment: So much of this is just

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So much of this is just

So much of this is just OBVIOUS and should be expected at this point. Who would NOT assume all locations under US government control are under 100% surveillance? The Oval office is recorded. Its laughable to think any government location NOT being bugged. Now THAT would catch me off guard!

A CIA Chief has nonchalantly mentioned they can spy on people through cameras in their dishwashers, phones, tvs, computers, anything with a camera and internet connection has a backdoor/no security.

We KNOW every "interesting" or important perso(government or not) has all their internet connected devices tapped. We know this for fact. It isn't news anymore. Its just repeated sensationalism

Heres the Petraeus article about the dishwasher spying.

Ironic that he ousted via an affair revealed via government-leaked personal emails. Obviously targeted.