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I just remembered..When I

I just remembered..
When I was the only supervisor on duty I got stuck alone supervising 54 men in the shelter.
In Feb 2003 Baltimore got hit with a record breaking blizzard.

I had an elderly man who had to go for kidney dialysis so I called an ambulance to transport him. They came with a big snowplow ahead of them to get to our building which had a 1/8th mile driveway covered in several feet of drifts. That was about half way through the storm and the snow just kept coming after they took him to the hospital.

The next day a hotel down the block was being dug out by a Bobcat Loader and a 4X4 pick-up so I went through the drifts and got them to come to the shelter to dig us out. I paid the $120 with my own money.

It took me over a month to get reimbursed.
And the shelter told me they wanted me to leave because they suspected me of taking the money from a homeless guy!
Thank God I had just had a $4,000 commission direct deposited into my bank account.

So I not only left the shelter (remember the area was still recovering from the blizzard) I invited the homeless guy who they used against me to come with me! A friend rented us a whole house and I acted as this guy's social worker for 4 months, helping him get a Social Security Disability settlement and monthly SS benefits.
He was a Vietnam Vet - Army Soldier who was a 50 caliber gunner.

I helped him because he was dishonorably discharged for punching his Platoon Leader in the mouth. He was a short timer in Nam and as such was not to be sent into combat the week before coming home. So he punched his commander in the mouth and lost all veterans' benefits. When he came home to Baltimore protesters threw piss on his dress uniform as he walked through the airport.