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Comment: Dear World... I Funded The Bloodshed

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Dear World... I Funded The Bloodshed

Dear World... I TOTALLY DISAGREE with the actions of my government; my friends and I complain about it all the time.

But the money needed to make all of those bad things happen, all of that death and sorrow, all of that evil... HAD TO COME FROM SOMEWHERE RIGHT?

Well I paid for the whole thing. OOPS. My bad, sorry.

You see world, we in this country pay taxes blindly. We pay without question. We don't ask if the money is getting used correctly, efficiently, or ethically. WE JUST PAY. Last year, my wife and I payed about $25,000, and we are constantly upset and in disagreement with the direction and actions of our government, both domestically and abroad.

So world, what do you suggest my wife and I do? (or stop doing?)

All right world, sorry about your dead father; oh and your dead son. "Family Guy" is on, so I'm gonna go watch that. And after that I need to head over to the mall and buy a new Iphone. So I'll see you later world.