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I can see many differences

Well, yes, I can see many differences between a free and a non-free society. But I'll take only one of the biggest:

You will always find idiots and selfish people in both kinds of society. Mankind is much imperfect as a whole, yet all individuals should be considered precious and expected to be responsible for their actions, with both their qualities and flaws.

So, one big difference between the two kinds of society is such aforementioned people will hurt themselves in the former, while they'll be encouraged to become accomplices of the tyrannical state and its force in the latter.

The difference is between liberty for all and the tyranny of the majority over minorities, with the smallest minority to start with: the individual.

The collectivists' claim they can bring perfection and happiness for all, thanks to the division in groups they deem relevant is a gross insult to man's intelligence. As the Nazis and soviets have proven it so.

Can't we read history, or are we supposed to constantly ignore it and repeat it?

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