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~ Maybe the well developed

~ Maybe the well developed business community. Called the cops?
-- who carry the weight of local taxes and who provides jobs.
-- and also contribute to the Salvation Army and The Rescue Mission located RIGHT NEXT TO THE PARK.
-- maybe they are tired of busting their butts to attract commerce to an area that allows the shopping cart crowd to openly express their sense of entitlement by plopping down anywhere they like.
~ It's unfair to expect those who work hard, risk capital and exert effort to create an orderly, pleasant environment to just let people hang out with no regard for others.
~ Maybe these hard working producers went direct to the local police and asked for patrols to keep the area from becoming a settlement?
~ I've been homeless and I've worked with homeless and I know they will just keep taking and taking unless someone intervenes and says, "It's time to contribute."
~ The politicians will pander and say, "Oh there, there now. Raleigh is pro homelessness. Those cops were naughty." Bull!