Comment: "then it is still the fault of the state"

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"then it is still the fault of the state"

I understand and concur with your sentiment, but the simplistic vigilante approach of the likes set forth in the original article and carried forth here often carries blinders with it.

There is simply more to the story than this sentimentally abridged presentation.

For example, here is a relatively sane comment to the original article from Cheryl...

Most condo associations also ban people from growing food in the areas around the house. Container gardens are usually an exception. The landscaping grounds keepers use pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers that are toxic. They usually post flags when they do it to warn people about it. This story is about PUBLIC HOUSING. I bet they aren’t allowed to keep pets either. I think your take on this situation is more than a little off base.
The fact that the USDA provides publicly funded housing in rural areas is amazing. I think it’s totally within it’s purview to keep people from potentially getting poisoned by landscaping compounds…and don’t go on a tirade about how they shouldn’t use them (it would be better if they didn’t but I don’t think you will get funding for expensive organic grounds maintenance from the Federal Government.) I’m sure if they wanted to grow something in a window box or in pots on their steps they might be able to.