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We'll See...

He just started the channel. My thoughts:

1. :( The fee creates a wall, keeps new users away, I don't get it.
2. :( To those that say "it costs money to run a channel..." How are TYT, AlexJones, and many others pulling it off? I don't buy it.
3. :( Why did Ron go with such an OLD business model??? Seems like a bad decision.
4. :) 2015. Rand has all the air time he wants!!!
5. :) 2015. Rand can say ANYTHING HE WANTS. Won't be censored like on the MSM.
6. :) Popularity. Cenk at TheYoungTurks started that channel, and his name was unknown. How popular could a channel with Ron Paul's face on it be? Wow. Makes me care even less for the sub fee. Just start a youtube channel.
7. :) What could TheRonPaulChannel become. Right now we see his channel, and Ron is actually doing the reporting work. Could the channel go on to grow and look like the AlexJonesChannel, TYT, TheBlaze, RT??? I hope so!!!

I hope the channel just moves into normal territory, becomes a youtube channel, no sub fees. It could be such a huge conversation. The way it is currently, there are a few people having a small conversation in private. I wish they would come visit me on youtube.