Comment: I can only conclude that Obama policiy of creating

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I can only conclude that Obama policiy of creating

instability in the world is pure insanity.

We all think dictators are bad, but in some regions of the world they are the only thing that keeps the local populations from tearing each other apart.

Look at Tito who held Yugoslavia together and kept it a fairly pleasant place under his unifying efforts, but when he left it descended into ethnic cleansing and civil war. Saddam Hussein succeeded in making Iraq prosperous out of pieces of the Ottoman Empire (until we quarantined it) with a large, thriving, well educated middle class, and now it has descended into civil war, an impoverished ghost of its past, complete with misery and permanent unrest. Muammar Qaddafi achieved similar results in Libya. When we engineered his overthrow Libya became a dangerous place for the now deceased US Ambassador and is in civil war.

So what do you expect to happen to the people of Syria with us funding rebels who are no better than the dictator who now rules. This civil conflict was created by the US, and will probably end with a new ruler being installed (we will call it democracy) and long term impoverishment and terror for the population.

This is what happens when we put an incompetent, mentally ill, socialist in power and then the legislature and courts lets him run wild. Politically this reminds me of Hitler's assent to power; he didn't take over, the German legislature simply stepped aside and ceded power to him.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.