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Puritan and Swanson's

Have you talked to the two biggest vitamin and natural supplements catalog companies, Puritan and Swansons?

Your products are very specialized. I'm certain they will be of the highest quality and do exactly what you say they'll do and I'm sure they'll do it quite well.

The market for people looking for highly specialized products like these who demand the kind of quality you are selling is quite small. So, you have to get to where those people will be looking and Puritan and Swanson is the best place I can think of who also have a huge marketing list.

Just being honest, I would probably not buy because when I need something like this I either get it from CVS or online from puritan or swanson where I can batch my purchase and get shipping deals or other batch discounts.

Other places to look might be Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joe's and stores like that.