Comment: OK lets do a liberty analysis

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OK lets do a liberty analysis

Does growing the vegetables hurt anyone?
No, Non Aggression Check!
Is the family helping themselves?
Yes, healthy self interest
Trespassing on anyones property?
No, the government creates a morally ambiguous tragedy of the commons.
By it's very nature the state cannot do right in this situation because they created the very problem by taking property from the private sector and muddying the ownership of the property. Who owns the forests, parks, BLM lands?
Is this not a demonstration of self sufficiency, in a small way?
Is this a good thing for the girl to learn?
Now some misguided minion determines for some reason that this growing of vegetables violates some rule, which is not a crime, no harm no crime.
Is this evidence of some minion wanting to demonstrate ownership over people?

I will always suspect the minions of government of
A) Stupidity or incompetence
B) pretense of greater knowledge
c) supposedly protecting someone from themselves
D) Will to dominate or control
E) Envy
F) Evil ( all of the above) by their actions you will know them

Never give them the benefit of the doubt, always make them prove a negative. That they are protecting peoples life liberty and property, and they are not tyrannical.