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Comment: Christian and Social Conservative

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Christian and Social Conservative

I don't believe it is a requirement to be socially conservative to be a good Christian.

If somebody asks for my prayers, I pray for them. I don't pray for people in situations I do not understand, but I may pray for better understanding.

If you believe that people should only open their eggs on the small side, would you pray for those who open them on the large side? Can you be sure that God favors those who open their eggs on the small side and will punish those who do otherwise?

As I understand things, God is Love and is against those base things that are of the nature of fornication. Social roles and the sexual expressions that arise from them have changed quite a lot in two thousand years. Women are not property, for one thing. Men are not sodomized by straight men on a power trip over them, unless possibly they are in prison.

If a gay couple who was created such engage in a mutually loving and supportive relationship which is monogamous, this does not conflict in any way with pro-love, anti-fornication. Gay or straight people who use their sexuality to fornicate are obviously running afoul of the spirit of the law.

The same is true of 'drugs', a statement so general as to mean nothing exactly. People who are abusive will abuse and those that take care are in a different category. Would it be right to pray for a medical cannabis user who is receiving relief to 'quit the drugs'?

Pray for wisdom and understanding. The more of it you obtain, the easier it become to empathize with people and place the message of Love foremost. It is ignorance of the situations of others that lead to the arrogance of human judgement and we are commanded not to judge others lest we ourselves be judged.

I will not point out the splinter in my neighbor's eye nor pray for them without their explicit request lest I be forced to face the plank in my own eye and be called hypocrite.