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Re:"I do know what nomianism is, and thus the anti. But, there are two base definitions, and it some places I found three or four. Thus, I asked you which main definition you were referring to. Maybe it is you that doesn't know the meaning."

I'm referring to the concept discussed by Martin Luther, which was not a term coined as the inverse of some pre-existing term "nomianism", but was an entirely new phrase coined by Martin Luther from greek terms 'anti' and 'nomos'. The term "nomianism" has never really been in use, so I'm skeptical of your familiarity with it. It seems more like a rare derivative of Luthers term. Even if you looked it up(which I never said that you didn't), I'm still not convinced you understand the concept; Because you seem to assume that Christians adhere to antinomianism when you say "you can rape, murder, steal...but as long as you have faith you are good to go". That seems descriptive of antinomians, not Christianity. It is a strawman and that seems precisely your tactic.

Re: "So, I was not intimidated and I did indeed look it up. So, first lie."

You declared my words to be 'big words', nevertheless I didn't explicitly state you were intimidated, though I see the likelihood that you were, so you are telling the lie. And I didn't say that you didn't look it up, I merely said that you didn't understand what it means; So you are telling the lie. Many times you have seen plain scripture without even a remote understanding, so it is not a stretch to think you might not also understand a definition you've looked up. Normally I wouldn't accuse people of telling lies when they are mistaken about something, but I thought I should communicate at your level here for you to see what you are doing. How many lies have you told in one post? I haven't bothered counting.

Re: "I never claimed a big word was the argument from authority - Lie."

I didn't explicitly state that you claimed big words were the argument from authority, I merely stated that big words were not the argument from authority, and that I do not believe you know what the argument from authority is( since you were telling a lie and accusing me of using it). However it is not a stretch for someone to think that you were making the correlation between the use of big words and the argument from authority when you said: "big words. Must be a fallacy from authority". If you make the correlation between big words and an argument from authority, you again don't know what an argument from authority is. That looks like a correlation as you gave no other reason why you would consider me to have used an argument from authority, but even if it wasn't, the lie is still on you.

Re:"I never claimed to be "all knowing" - Lie"

You said: " I know all the arguments." and I responded:
" would profess to be all knowing with regard to apologetic arguments..."
Where is the lie except in your accusation of a lie?

re:"Then, ironically, you use a "quote" - a tool for an argument from authority ... the way someone using an argument from authority would do."

Using a quote is not an argument from authority. What is notable is that I didn't even present an argument with those quotes. I merely quoted them, as I thought they correlated to your behavior in some ways. You really do not understand what you read do you? It seems you jump to conclusions without sufficient evidence.

Re: "I don't care what it says in Proverbs or any other book of your ancient magic book."

I believe you, and it is probably why you constantly misrepresent it and don't understand it.

Re:" All you ever do is lie about other people and make the same argument from authority over and over again."

Ironic that you are telling the lies. One might think the pot was calling the kettle black, only I haven't used an argument from authority and I haven't claimed the things you said I did. So the lies are all on you. I have seen other people accusing you of telling lies elsewhere on this site, so I could demonstrate where others have considered you dishonest, but where have I lied about anyone? Why defame anything and anyone who disagrees with you?