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I agree with a lot of this.

I agree with a lot of this. While I totally recognize that the female Anchor needs to be paid, the studio probably cost money, the satellite feeds may even cost extra money, etc., the business model is antiquated. To not even offer free videos of the current show just seems a bit wrong to me.

I think Ron needs to simply move it to the his youtube channel, and accept donations, like Stefan does. While this would mean that he will probably operate at a loss, especially initially, I think it cannot be helped given his competition. TYT is a huge competitor. He needs to recognize this.

Accepting ad money is also not a problem. Perhaps some people may see a problem with this, but this is typically how you keep your site running free, and above all else, exposure should be the main goal, not making subscription fees.

As sad as it is, I considered cancelling my subscription. It was an impulse buying decision, because I love Dr. Paul. But I am not sure how much value I get out of it personally, especially when there's just so much quality free content available. I would have rather just made a donation.