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NOT excluding Rand Im afraid

NOT excluding Rand

Im afraid to say, this is one of the fundamental differences between the camps for and not so for camps of rand.

We, us, who try to keep uptodate with affairs can see the possibility of a game being played, but then we isolate ourselves in a group with the only knowledge and understanding of this if we dont care for the rest to understand the possibility, i'd rather they see straightup truths, and not the political game, which is the thing that once turned me off politics as it still does to many many more...they'll just see the same old thing, so while we MAY benefit, i dont think it'll do the job of at least getting people to listen instead of dismissing offhand, as it is today, at least, remember lies, slander, associations may not be affective on US, but we're not the intended and effective target of a character assasination, if rand associates with anybody who may help his what others will see as his "political career" using "political" means.....i dont think some of you have really realised how much resentment their is to the "political game" may have brought some good to someone somewhere, but its also in my damn opinion the reason why we are all so screwed up, era of the empires and politicians