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Let me help you

A kitchen is located on property that has inspections, fire codes, insurance laws, depending on the contract, refrigeration, energy bills..

The soup kitchen, even as a non-profit, has to be a registered organization, even if it's a church committee, it's under the umbrella of the church, so it still has to have insurance, fire codes, and paying taxes..

You have to be registered to pick food up at the food bank.. if you accept food from food drives from other non-profits, you still have to show you accepted food. It all has to be accountable.

If someone gets sick from a food born illness, they are going to sue, or here in CA, the hospital will sue.. if you are going to give free food, and this isn't just for homeless, I get people who are not homeless.. they are well aware the organic salads and meals are better than most restaurants.. they have a right to safe food, iow, I do not have the right to poison them, even in the name of ignorance.